Accelerating for Entreprenurship
Uni Accelerator Camp combines the development needs of entrepreneurial projects with the demand of industrial transformation and upgrading, and provides a full range of accelerated services for high-quality projects, such as seed fund investment, industrial resource empowerment, intensive innovation course guidance, entrepreneurial tutor support, etc
Rhea AI Tutor
The first domestic AI tutor system, based on artificial intelligence deep learning technology, helps entrepreneurs improve their business plans. AI tutor score, multidimensional intelligence score, scientific diagnosis & professional advice
Ecological Investment
HCH Ventures Fund adheres to the concept of ecological investment, focusing on the Internet of things, Comprehensive health. It carries out the whole process empowerment of entrepreneurial projects, and the invested enterprises achieve an average annual growth of 50%...
Precision Cross-border Services
Cross-border Service is committed to helping overseas projects go to China, providing one-stop accelerated services for start-ups; at the same time, helping domestic projects go overseas. It aims to achieve the three-step strategy of "going out", "going in" and "going up" for domestic enterprises...

Global Partners

Ecological Resources around the World