The ocean is vast because it admits all rivers in a humble and compatible attitude.
About Us
The ocean is vast because it admits all rivers in a humble and compatible attitude. Bringing together the wisdom from all aspects for innovation, this is HCH.
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About Us

“The ocean is vast because it admits all rivers in a humble and compatible attitude. Bringing together the wisdom from all aspects for innovation, this is HCH.
——Li Keqiang

HCH Ventures is an entrepreneurial platform created by Haier Group for global entrepreneurs. Since founded in 2014, HCH currently has 40 accelerators in 12 countries around the world.There are more than 360 accelerated projects with a total valuation of more than 300 billion in this platform. Furthermore, 4 listed companies, 5 “unicorn” companies and 90 gazelle companies have incubated. Entrepreneurial success rate excesses 50%, higher than the average level in this industry. "HCH Ventures" was shortlisted in the "Top 500 Chinese Brand Values", and its brand value ranked first in incubation and acceleration industry.

HCH has been approved by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the General Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology and other party and government agencies. It was identified as "the first batch of national mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases", "national youth entrepreneurship demonstration park", "national small and micro-enterprise entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base" and so on.

1. Model of “Rooted Entrepreneurship”

 By connecting Haier’s industrial resources, HCH has created six major communities: industrial resource community, space community, interaction community, training community, service community and financial capital community, providing entrepreneurial companies with one-stop acceleration services including investment and financing, supply chain, technology R&D, sales channels, talent support, etc., to ensure entrepreneurs to realize “rooted entrepreneurship”, promote the implementation of entrepreneurial enterprises, accelerate the development of entrepreneurship projects, and increase the success rate of entrepreneurship.

 Data shows that after entrepreneurship projects entered the HCH platform, supply chain costs fell by 30%, revenue increased by 50%, and the valuation of 50% of the projects was increased.  


2. “Tropical Rain Forest” Ecology Under Co-creation and Sharing Mechanism

Within the HCH ecosystem, various entrepreneurship projects establish the cooperation with Haier internal platform to share resources such as Haier supply chain and sales channels. Externally, HCH gathers world-class resources on the platform, connecting the external resources of large enterprises, universities, investment institutions, etc., forming a tropical rainforest ecosystem that is constantly expanding and growing from the inside out.


Up to now, HCH has cooperates with more than 100 universities and scientific research institutions, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Ocean University of China, Qingdao University, and more than 1,500 venture capital institutions.

The first level is to subvert the bureaucracy to make enterprises the platform for entrepreneurship.

68 small and micro entrepreneurial enterprises emerged in Haier, including 2 listed companies and 3 unicorns, with a total project valuation of nearly 80 billion. Among them, Haier Biomedical is the first listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Qingdao, and Thunderobot has been listed in the Innovation of the New Third Board.

The second level is social entrepreneurship and innovation, promote entrepreneurs to the dream of success.

HCH offers the core resources of large enterprises, such as supply chain, R&D, channels, etc. to entrepreneurs, in order to accelerate the development of entrepreneurial projects, avoid failures, and help entrepreneurs to overcome the fatal difficulties during entrepreneurship. The success rate of entrepreneurship is much higher than the average level in the society. Its success rate in obtaining Series A financing reached 48%, which is about 5 times that of the industry. For example, for the Qingdao Cloud Century UAV platform project, the only online airspace approval platform in China, a three-fold increase in the valuation has been achieved by resource docking.

The third level is the globalization of entrepreneurship and innovation, becoming an accelerator platform for global entrepreneurs.

HCH has developed 40 accelerators in 11 countries around the world, with barrier-free access to world-class entrepreneurial resources. It became the only non-local country-approved incubator in Israel, and established a Sino-Israel cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship ecological alliance to provide help to the acceleration of nearly 200 projects on the platform, such as promoting the Orcam Artificial Intelligence Visual Recognition Project to grow into a unicorn. In Finland, the incubator won the Finnish Presidential Award.

HCH Cloud  

For the quick resource allocation for entrepreneurs, the cloud platform provides comprehensive and multiangle acceleration services including online financing roadshows, industry resources, shared services, training management, etc. At present, HCH has attracted 4000+ global entrepreneurial projects to join, forming a “HCH Cloud” covering the world.

HCH +  

Accelerators for high-quality industry clusters are located in 18 hotspot cities for innovation across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Tianjin, Hefei, and Hangzhou, setting up 28 innovation and entrepreneurship bases. And twelve entrepreneurship bases have been established in 12 cities in 10 countries including Israel, the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, forming a global ecosystem for entrepreneurship acceleration.

HCH Acceleration Camp  

It provides global entrepreneurs with a one-stop, all-round and accurate acceleration platform of “industry + mentor + capital”, and provides all-round, full-cycle and accurate acceleration services for participant companies. Up to now, the valuation of more than 50% of the participant companies has been improved during the acceleration period.

HCH Fund  

Adhering to the concept of ecological investment, it focuses on the investment and layout in related fields including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, medical health, and Haier industrial chain, and energizes entrepreneurial projects throughout the process. At present, the return on HCH VC investment is as high as 30%, and the invested

companies have achieved a high growth rate of 50% in annual performance.