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Member Acceleration program

Almost all start-ups are facing the same problem, that is, FUND RAISING, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and BRAND AWARENESS IMPROVING.
Focusing on the three problems,HCH has launched the "Member Acceleration Program" in an all-round way. Through deep polishing business plan, deep financing roadshow, deep industry docking and accurate brand communication, HCH helps entrepreneurs to "start a business with deep support" and achieve rapid business growth.

Entrepreneurs / New Equity Investors

BP Customization
Providing the service of BP polishing, founder coaching and customization.
Financing Roadshow Workshop
Helping entrepreneurs grab full financing roadshow knowledge and skills, improving dimensions and patterns of minds, and helping entrepreneurs quickly master financing roadshow essentials.
Online Roadshow Service
Providing entrepreneurs with financing online roadshow service related to the matchable industry.
Financing services
providing entrepreneurs with the HCH Ventures and other related industry funds.
Whole Journey Docking Service
Proving Haier and other enterprise partners’ industrial resources docking.
Industry docking Salon
entrepreneurs are free to participate in the entrepreneurship salon, private board of directors and workshop held by HCH Ventures.
The innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit
Entrepreneurs are free to participate the global innovation and entrepreneurship summit and competition held by HCH Ventures and its partners.
Brand Communication Service
Creating enterprise brand event and founder interview character communication for entrepreneurs.
HCH community
Obtaining the information of related entrepreneurial community and industry research.