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Global Partnership Program

HCH sincerely invites industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and executives, university scholars, etc. to act as business partners to help global entrepreneurs and build a warm business acceleration service platform. Through the establishment of diversified forms and mechanisms (entrepreneur community, University and Industry Alliance, industrial forum, etc.), the partnership will share rich experience, unique vision and insight, solve difficulties for entrepreneurs, and help accelerate and provide strong support!

Dandelion Project
Objects: university scientific research personnel, entrepreneurship tutor, student entrepreneurs, etc.
obligations: campus entrepreneurship project contact, promote high-quality projects to the platform
rights and interests: can give priority to the opportunities of entrepreneurship guidance and overseas exchange earning internship
Industry Partner
Targets: high-quality talents in various industries, with entrepreneurial resources, etc.
0bligation: Docking entrepreneurial projects and cooperative resources for overseas exchange earning
Rights and Interests: Official licensing, revenue sharing, etc
Mentor Partner
Participants: Celebrities in various industries, entrepreneurship mentors, etc.
Obligations: Enabling training for platform entrepreneurship projects, etc.
Rights: Official licensing, training income, etc
City Partner
Targets: People with high quality resources all over the country who are committed to building local entrepreneurial highlands
Obligations: Help HCH build the first brand in local entrepreneurial scene
Rights: Official licensing, platform resource sharing, equity follow-up investment, etc
Global Partner
Participants: Global entrepreneurs, investment institutions, industry experts, University researchers, entrepreneurship mentors, etc.
Obligations: Resource sharing, jointly accelerating the development of high-quality projects, high-tech and business
Rights: Official licensing, platform resource sharing, project investment, cooperation and profit sharing
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